The Land of Hope and Fear : by Kershner, Isabel
Ladies' Lunch : by Segal, Lore Groszmann
The Money Kings : by Schulman, Daniel
Family Declassified : Uncovering My Grandfather's Journey From Spy to Children's Book Author / by Fennelly, Katherine
All-Night Pharmacy : by Madievsky, Ruth
Jewish Priorities :
Whistleblowers : by Medoff, Rafael
Iconic New York Jewish Food : by Hersh, June
And None Shall Make Them Afraid : by Richman, Rick
A Small Sacrifice for An Enormous Happiness : by Chakrabarti, Jai
The Breakaway : by Weiner, Jennifer
Wages of Empire / by Cooper, Michael J
The Jps Jewish Heritage Torah Commentary / by Garfinkel, Eli L
Resisters : by Gruner, Wolf
Artificial : by Kurzweil, Amy
Jews and Science / by Gilman, Sander L
Subculture Vulture : by Kasher, Moshe
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow : by Zevin, Gabrielle
Dream Big, Laugh Often : by Piven, Hanoch
Kantika : by Graver, Elizabeth
The Jewish Underground of Samarkand : by Zaltzman, Hillel
The Dybbuk Century :
Intimate Strangers : by Brandfon, Fredric R
The Diaries / by Kafka, Franz
18 :
Christian Supremacy : by Teter, Magda
Listen Sh'Ma / by Solomon, Alyson
Doppelganger : by Klein, Naomi
When We Collide : by Epstein-Levi, Rebecca J
How the Talmud Can Change Your Life : by Leibovitz, Liel
Babylon : by Cameron, Michelle
West Jerusalem Noir /
Halakhic Man / by Soloveitchik, Joseph Dov
Kibbitz & Nosh : by Halperin, Marcia Bricker
Jewish Futures :
My Name Is Barbra / by Streisand, Barbra
Soloveitchik's Children : by Goodman, Daniel Ross
After Camus : by Neugeboren, Jay
Moses and the Runaway Lamb / by Jules, Jacqueline
Courage to Dream : by Shusterman, Neal