The Photographer's Son : by Klinger, Maya C
Golda Meir : by Lipstadt, Deborah E
The Enemy Beside Me : by Ragen, Naomi
Harboring Hope : by Hood, Susan
The Last Consolation Vanished : by Gradowski, Zalmen
The Jake Show / by Levy, Joshua
The Ones Who Remember :
Mouth of the Donkey : by Kaplan, Laura Duhan
Betty Friedan : by Shteir, Rachel
White Bird : by Palacio, R. J
How to Love Your Daughter / by Blum, Hilah
The Convention of Wives : by Green, Debra
Parallel Lines : by Eglash, Ruth Marks
Two Tribes / by Bowen Cohen, Emily
Inside Information / by Nevo, Eshkol
The Netanyahus / by Cohen, Joshua
God Is Here : by Spitzer, Toba
The Soviet Jewish Bookshelf : by Grinberg, Marat
Murder In the Shadow of the Pyramid / by Pressman, Roberta
Just A Girl : by Levi, Lia
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store / by McBride, James
Kantika : by Graver, Elizabeth
The Collector : by Silva, Daniel
We Are Not Strangers / by Tuininga, Josh
The Postcard / by Berest, Anne
Ruth : by Pardes, Ilana
The Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz : by Dronfield, Jeremy
Them Before Me : by Pechner, Nancy
Don't Want to Be Your Monster / by Moulton, Deke
The Puttermans Are In the House / by Feldman, Jacquetta Nammar