This Haggadah Is the Way : by Bodek, Martin
Unalone : by Jacobs, Jessica
Shanim ṭovot / by Arad, Maya
Nosh : by Siva, Micah
Maimonides : by Manguel, Alberto
Jewish Education / by Kelman, Ari Y
Blessed Hands : by Halpern, Frume
Herod the Great : by Goodman, Martin
Tap Dancing On Everest : by Zieman, Mimi
These Words : by Solovy, Alden T
The Last Words of Moses / by Goodman, Micah
Abraham Joshua Heschel : by Zelizer, Julian E
Books Like Sapphires : by Brener, Ann
How to Find Your Way In the Dark / by Miller, Derek B
Israel's Black Panthers : by Elia-Shalev, Asaf
Uncomfortable Conversations With A Jew / by Acho, Emmanuel
Acts of Resistance / by Carrillo, Dominic
Elie Wiesel : by Berger, Joseph
Your Presence Is Mandatory / by Vasilyuk, Sasha
Mazaltob : by Bendahan, Blanche
Housemates : by Eisenberg, Emma Copley
Qohelet : by Fisch, Menachem
Shalom Elohim! / by Levinzon, Leonid
Lublin / by Wilkinson, Manya
Mother Doll : by Apekina, Katya
Judaism Is About Love : by Held, Shai
Arabs and Israelis : by Said Aly, Abdel Monem
Carrying A Big Schtick : by Mora, Miriam Eve
Jewish Paideia : by Zurawski, Jason M
A Brutal Design / by Solomon, Zachary C
For You When I Am Gone : by Leder, Steven Z
Through the Morgue Door : by Brull-Ulmann, Colette
God In Her Ruffled Dress / by Bernstein, Lisa
Henrietta Szold : by Klagsbrun, Francine
Emmanuel Levinas's Talmudic Turn : by Kleinberg, Ethan
Matshiḳ, Metoraf, Ule-Gamre Metsiʼuti by Rakover, Sam S
Translating the Jewish Freud : by Seidman, Naomi
Impossible Takes Longer : by Gordis, Daniel
The Hebrew Teacher : by Arad, Maya
Ba-Yom She-Puppy Shinah Et Tokhniyotav / by Greenberg, Efrat